"I have GOT TO be more productive!"

How many times have you said this after countless forgotten tasks or missed opportunities? You are already busy enough! Let's get PRODUCTIVE!

Has your lack of organization gotten so bad that it's begun to impact on others?

  • The dropped team member who didn't get training in time to help them
  • The party that didn't have high enough attendance or sales
  • The nice new neighbor who could have been introduced to your business but you just kept forgetting to talk with them
  • The new customer with a large order, the details of which are now disintegrating into a thousand little pellets in the washer
  • How about the kids left at the curb because you forgot it was your week for pick ups?
  • And don't you just love it when a balloon payment lands in the same month that it's time for the annual doctor and dentist visits for the kids?

One of the things that I see most often are those people who use a general planner that fits in their purse

                                            and a paper calendar on the fridge

                                                                          and an app on their phone

                                                                                                         and something else that they keep on their desk.

Get rid of it!

Keep the one on your fridge, and add my Paper Planner to your life. Start now and you will have the most productive, least "busy" year of your life!

These planners are generally 352 pages for $30.

And they are a business expense.

And they serve as your BEST tax document!

Let's get started!

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