“I have GOT TO be more productive!”

How many times have you said this after countless forgotten tasks or missed opportunities?


Has your lack of organization gotten so bad that it's begun to impact on others?

  • The dropped team member who didn't get training in time to help them
  • The party that didn't have high enough attendance or sales
  • The nice new neighbor who could have been introduced to your business but you just kept forgetting to talk with them
  • The new customer with a large order, the details of which are now disintegrating into a thousand little pellets in the washer
  • How about the kids left at the curb because you forgot it was your week for pick ups?
  • And don't you just love it when a balloon payment lands in the same month that it's time for the annual doctor and dentist visits for the kids?

TESTIMONIAL: I bartered a Day Planner for a package of fertilizer for my roses, and here's what RIGB had to say this morning: "Celia I am seriously in love with your planner. Obviously Made by a woman for women with care & consideration. GREAT work. Thank-you again!"

These planners are generally 350+ pages for $35 and they are a business expense! Plus, they serve as your BEST tax document, too. I partnered with an H&R Block agent who helped me make sure that all of her Direct Sales clients come to her prepared each year.

Click the category "How To Use It" at the bottom of this post to pick and choose which feature of these great Planners you want to learn about.

The Issue of Tabs For the Planners

I’ve looked everywhere to find a binding company that would be able to give me the tabs we all have been asking for. I finally have gone to Post-It brand tabs that I write on, and will continue to use the monthly tabs that I bought from Avery years ago. When that stickiness is no longer working, I’m hoping that my constant emails to Avery will bring them back.

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Two Page Spread for Each Month

Month-at-a-glance pages are a great place to mark up where you’re available for an event/party. I have purposely left the Holidays off of here so that you have room to also mark up when you need to make blog post about your Business Opportunity, when you need to ask people specifically to subscribe to your email list, and other marketing activities.

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Mileage and Expenses, Monthly Notes

This is the aggregate page for the month. Gather up all your scribblings from the daily and Month-at-a-glance pages and put everything down here. Take time to see whether you had receipts that needed to go along with the notations. Save those receipts monthly, stapled to a credit card statement if necessary.

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