Day Planners for Direct Sales Business Owners

We produce day planners for Direct Sales business owners. We've worked with professional business coaches, leaders in direct sales companies, and tax preparation agents to make our planners the very best tool you have to reduce stress, and increase your profits.

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Ultimately, this Day Planner is a tax document recording the proof of your business activities. It is meant to blend home/family life with business life, and be the one backup "receipt of all receipts" that you would need in a tax audit of business expenses. The 2016 Day Planner is full color throughout, and measures 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 1" thick.


We've edited, changed colors, changed fonts and even better, added new stuff throughout the Planners, front, back, and in-between. Take a look:

  • Eight events per month (parties, classes, workshops, etc.)
  • Track the earning of free product with monthly promotions
  • Track the earning of the Incentive Trip
  • Record Mileage daily and monthly
  • Track Expenses monthly
  • Important Dates each month for birthdays, promotions, etc.
  • Create Financial Goals monthly
  • Create Recruiting Goals monthly
  • Plan & checkbox your Social Media Marketing monthly
  • New Team Members' contact information
  • End of the Month Checklist
  • New! Fund Raising planning pages
  • New! Vendor Fair planning pages
  • New! Full year calendar for 2016 and 2017
  • New! Next month's mini calendar on this month's two-page month-at-a-glance
  • New! Holidays added to the two-page month-at-a-glance
  • New! Document monthly Team Calls
  • New! Document quarterly Customer Calls
  • New! Stampin' Up! Planners have the new Compensation Plan!
  • New! My own formula for turning a contact into a Customer, Hostess, Team Member
  • New! My own top ten things to train the new Recruit
  • New! Monthly reminders on the 25th to check Monthly Sales and Sweet Spots
  • New! Quarterly reminders on the 20th to check Quarterly Sales and Incentive Earnings
  • Daily To-Do List with SpiritualExerciseDe-Cluttering the House, and What's for Dinner? reminder
  • And again this year, your own personal Yellow Pages in the back of the Planner

The basic models for my Directs Sales Day Planner are:

  1. Hostess-Based Social Selling: parties, workshops, jewelry bars, and events that operate off of invitations, Hostess Coaching, and gain Bookings during the event: Thirty-One, Jamberry Nails, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc.
  2. And Stampin' Up! Demonstrators … WOW! Have you guys had a lot going on this year! Your EXCLUSIVE design will have 6 Classes and 2 Workshops each month so you can continue to offer the Classes, and build your business through Workshops! PLUS, I'm working on tracking pages that you guys need for the new Compensation Plan. Not just tracking pages, but explanations that will keep you informed without having to look it up on the website. These new tracking and information pages are in the Planner, and new information will be sent to you through the Newsletter with Downloadable pages to print.

Friends, I am happy to see we are all on the same page: getting organized, being intentional, and earning real money this year.

How To Use The Printed Planner

Let me introduce you to How To Use The Printed Planner's day planner in the following images.

Not just another Day Planner, our Planners were designed by Direct Sales business owners just like you. We've included tracking pages that make this the one document you cannot be without when it comes time to figure your taxes, and the one thing that will save you during a Tax Audit!

Let's take a walk through the Planner:

year at a glance, day planner, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,
Right in the front pages, you'll have both 2016 and 2017 at a glance.

month at a glance, day planner, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,

Each Month-at-a-glance will have Holidays, and weekly summary for mileage and expenses. There are pages each month to spell out the expenses, and mileage should be beside each of your daily trips and appointments.

week at a glance, day planner, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,

Each daily set of To Do Lists includes reminders you'll use every day. On the 25th of each month there is an additional reminder to check your monthly sales and sweet spots. On the 20th of the end of each quarter, there are additional reminders to check your Quarterly goals and the earning of free product, etc.

goal setting page, day planner, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,

When setting your goals for the month, you start with your desired income, so the Goal Setting page each month will show you how to break that down in sales, and the number of Parties/Classes/Workshops to hold. Moving down the page, decide how many you'd like to add to your Team. Document supplies you order here (and save your receipts at your desk). There is room to note four different Promotions each month. At the bottom of page you can note the names of those you'd like to offer the business opportunity to.

social media marketing, day planner, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,

Next in the Planner every month is a page on the left to note people you've added to your Team. There are more pages in the back of the Planner, too. On the right you have a double sided page of Social Media Marketing with prompts to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube!

mileage and expenses, day planner, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,

Next in the Planner will be eight pages like the one on the left in this picture. Depending on which Day Planner you have ordered, they will be for Social Selling Events (Parties), Classes or Workshops. Eight events per month! Following these pages will me a place to tally your Mileage and Expenses again.

end of month checklist, day planner, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,

At the end of each month, there is a quick list of all the things you need to remember to close out.

I don't have pictures of the Vendor Fair and Fund Raiser pages, but in the back of the Planner there is room for you to hold these events each year, too.

More Tracking Pages are at the back of the Planners. See the post on The Issue of Tabs to see how I Tab and Flag page in my Planner!

The Issue of Tab Dividers For the Planners

"Just one question, you sent a set of monthly labels…where do they go?" I just got this question from one of the newest clients, and I realized that I never told you what to do with the inserts included in your box of planners!!!

adding monthly tabbed dividers #1, day planner, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,
So, use the January through December stickers to label the Post-It brand Tabs (the white ones).

adding monthly tabbed dividers #2, day planner, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,

Place on the right edge of all the Month-at-a-glance pages.

adding monthly tabbed dividers #3, day planner, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,

I start at the back of the Planner and place December first at the bottom of the page.

adding monthly tabbed dividers #4, day planner, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,

That way, I can place November a little higher on the page, October a little higher yet, and layer up the page with each month so they are all visible.

adding monthly tabbed dividers #5, day planner, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,

I’ve looked everywhere to find a binding company that would be able to solve the issue of tab dividers for the planners. I finally have gone to Post-It brand tabs! Each planner comes with a strip of labels January through December, and the Post-It brand Tabs to place them on.

how to use washi flags monthly, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,

Additionally, I am including Post-It brand Flags, until I run out. Did you get these in your box?

I use Flags on the top edges of my planner, and all through the back pages. The Flags that I place on the upper edge are marking monthly things, but only one month at a time! I move them from one month to the next. I don't want my Planner to look like a garage sale is going on in there!

how to use washi flags, direct sales planner,, 2016, direct sales,

The Flags at the back of the book mark my Yellow Pages, my Team Phone Calls, and my Customer Calls. I'm going to use a Flag to keep track of earning an Incentive Trip this year, too!

This is what I have Tabbed and Flagged in my personal planner:

  • Month-at-a-glance pages have enough margin in the Notes section that I have placed a monthly divider there. When I need to write in my mileage for that week, I take the tab off, write in my mileage, and replace the tab.
  • Goals For The Month is where I flag the beginning of the tracking pages.
  • Mileage and Expenses gets flagged.
  • I flag the Incentive Trip tracker in the back of the Planner. If you have purchased the Stampin’ Up! version of the planner, you’ll have a couple of other pages for the 2015 Compensation Plan changes. I like having them with me so I don't have to look these charts up on the website.
  • I flag the Potential Recruit tracking pages so that I can keep track of all my new Team Members and their training.
  • I flag the “Yellow Pages” section that I’ve created in the back of my planner.

I found these Post-It tabs that look like Washi Tape that I use in my personal day planner, too. When I have been able to buy these in bulk, I have included them in your shipment!

Post-It tabs that look like Washi Tape

The washi tape looking flags come in several different color combinations and seem to be selling out FAST!  It's fun to have color coding done this way!

Since these are Post-It products, I move all the flags in the monthly tracking pages section to the next month, rather than have a planner full of tabs sticking out everywhere. I only need to keep close watch on a monthly basis, not tabs in every single month’s work. I keep January through December in place, but the extra tabs outlined above are the only ones that get moved from month to month.

Let me know if you need any help understanding this explanation until I can get my video explanation finished, okay?

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